Deciding to take charge of the stress in your life and learn relaxation, could be one of the most positive and lifelong affecting decisions you will ever make. Reducing stress to a healthy level can free you from daily unhappiness and distress, allowing you to enjoy all the small lovely moments of life again, and manage big changes and pressures without becoming overwhelmed.

Stress management works by reducing the stimulation of the nervous system and adrenal glands, meaning less stress hormones are produced. When the general activation level is lower, it takes more stimulation or stress situations to push it over the edge and make you feel overwhelmed.

Stress management sessions can be booked in a block, taking each one of the session, learning about each of the areas that can affect stress levels are where changes can be made to help lower the stress levels to a healthier level.

Or they can be booked individually and pick only the sessions you feel are relevant to your situation.

Breakdown of Stress Management Programme

Week 1- Assessment, discussion on main difficulties. Explanation of 8 week course.

Understanding the stress reaction. Muscle relaxation and breathing exercises.

Agreement of home action plan for coming week.

Week 2- Reflection of past week.

Helpful and unhelpful thinking, continuation of breathing and muscle relaxation.

Week 3- Reflection of past week.

Exercise, relaxation and guided meditation

Week 4-Reflection of past week.

Sleep Hygiene, relaxation and guided meditation

Week 5-Reflection of past week.

Time Mangament, relaxation and guided meditation

Week 6-Reflection of past week.

Healthy Eating, relaxation and guided meditation

Week 7-Reflection of past week.

Assertion, relaxation and guided meditation

Week 8-Reflection of past week.

Self support planning, relaxation and guided meditation

Breakdown of Relaxation session

Breathing exercises to deepen the breath, slow the heart rate and quieten the mind.

Progressive muscle relaxation to allow muscles to release, soften and relax. Improves blood flow and nutrient supply to muscles thoughout the body.

Further encourages calming of mind and heart rate.

Release of tension from muscle groups and concious mind.

Guided Body Awareness to help people identify areas of tension and begin release process.

Guided mental relaxation using positive thought encouragement and visualisation techniques.