As a non-touch treatment, Reiki can help with stress related issues, pain, emotional issues and can help the body rebalance and heal in relation to any health condition.

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Reiki sessions £40 per Hour.

Reiki translates as universal energy. Rei meaning universal or spiritual and Ki meaning life energy.

The Ki is guided by the Rei (higher power/universal consciousness)

Our bodies are enlivened with this universal energy, as are all things in nature, the animals, the plants, trees and rocks. All filled with the same life energy.

The Reiki therapist merely acts as a channel for this energy.

Although Reiki energy is channelled with specific healing intention, the energy is intelligent, and is guided by the higher consciousness, knowing where in the body healing is needed.

Chakra opening and balancing is an natural process in Reiki, which can be enhanced through intention and detailed work over the chakra area.

As well as healing, clearing and balancing energy on physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels Reiki also helps people to advance spiritually.

Emotional or spiritual imbalance is often the cause of physical dis-ease. We may be unaware ofthe higher involvement but Reiki can help us make connections between our physical and higher energies. We can become aware of when we stray from our paths of ease and learn how get back on track. We can know ourselves better.