Your needing to destress and sooth and take tension from your muscles but don’t really know exactly what sort of massage you need…

It’s ok..

I have trained in Swedish, Aromatherapy, Indian head and have introduced a combination energy massage..

I tend to work intuitively, adapting techniques in every session to suit you and what you need at the time that you arrive.

People often ask me if they can split their sessions between different body areas.. that’s fine..

They also ask for a full body… my reply is that I can’t do a full body properly in an hour… book a longer session for that.. but we can split the hour between the bits that are most important for you.. but we do each bit properly!!!

Each session will include consultation time, where you get to talk to me about what you need, then we spend a few minutes choosing the right essential oils for you (if appropriate)

After each session you have a few minutes for a drink and a chat to prepare yourself for the outside world again.

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