Dandelion and Nettle short course dates

This 3 week course is both information and practical based sessions, where you will learn how Dandelion and Nettle can be incorporated into your weekly diet to gain the many nutritional and health benefits.

In week one we will begin by becoming familiar with Dandelion and Nettle, their identification features and habitats, safety issues and introducing how to use the plants as a food and medicine.
The practical element of this session will include making a basic infusion (tea) from the leaves of Dandelion and nettle and tasting of different parts of the plants in their raw fresh/dried forms. We will do some quiet mindful tasting to encourage you to learn from the plant via your senses also. Book here

In week 2 of this course we will further our knowledge of Dandelion and Nettle, learning the difference between using the plants as a food versus a medicine, side effects and cautions; the nutritional and medicinal uses of each plant and the different ways the plants can be used. The practical element of the course will include making some basic recipes and tasting some pre-prepared foods made from the plants. We will also look at how to use the plants externally. Book here.

The final week (week 3) will focus on recapping any required information, and will mostly have a practical focus; we will gather and prepare some leaves into a simple dish, look at root preparation ( no digging can take place, pre dug roots will be brought to the session), we will make a simple Dandelion coffee and look at the process of making this. We will also discuss the use and collection of Nettle seeds that can be done later in the season. Book here.