Rosehip light syrup/juice recipe (cold method)

I played around with traditional syrup recipes to get to this recipe as I wasn’t happy with the heavy sweetness of them and I wasn’t happy with how long they were boiled for. I have settled on this recipe that I like for it’s lightness and that you can vary how much sugar you add to taste or depending on how long you might need it to be preserved.


  • Rosehips (whatever quantity you have)
  • Water ( enough to cover hips and make simple syrup)
  • Sugar (enough to make a simple syrup – usually 2 parts sugar to 1 part water)


Roughly top and tail rosehips after washing, add them to a large bowl or pan and add enough water to just cover the hips. Zap with a stick blender. Stir and put them in the fridge for 24hours.

Bring out from fridge and press through a fine muslin or jelly bag.

In another small pan make a simple syrup, the amount you make will vary depending on how many hips you have. You can always make a bit more if you don’t make enough first time.

Add small amounts of the simple syrup to your rosehip juice, tasting after each spoonful. Stop when you find the mixture palatable.

Bottle into a sterile bottle, label with contents, date and use by date.

Then enjoy a shot of it every morning, or in your gin, or with some fizzy water or however else tickles your fancy!

My bottle lasted one Scottish wild food festival and 2 days home use!

Need to make some more…..