Plants and people belong together!

Herbal Medicines can treat a wide range of conditions.

There are many different herbs and ways to use them, see the Herb A-Z to find out more about the herb your interested in.
What happens in a Herbal Consultation?

Full Herbal consultations or Short Minor Ailment consultations are available.

An initial herbal consultation costs £40 and typically last about 90 mins; during that time, your symptoms, history of symptoms, past medical history and full physical system enquiry (lots of questions about all the body parts and functions) will be completed. This is done by asking loads of questions, some of which may seem irrelevant to your current concern. Also your blood pressure may be taken, skin tone and tongue checked, pulse or glands felt. You will not have any intimate examination, nor have to remove clothes.

Dietary, lifestyle and stress factors will be discussed and a plan agreed as to any appropriate changes that you think you could realistically make.

After all this a herbal medicine will be made for you to take away, usually in the form of a liquid extract and possibly some external remedies or teas, depending on your personal circumstances. Medicine usually costs £7 per week.

You would return for a follow up appointment(£40) to check progress after 2 weeks, and after this monthly appointments are usually enough until the complaint has been resolved.

Find out more about conditions that respond well to Herbal Treatment.