Plant remedies are chosen depending on their actions and natures to match and balance the symptoms of the individual and physical condition.

Herbal remedies assist the body in it’s own natural and intrinsic attempts at self healing.

Herbal Medicines can treat a wide range of conditions. I often combine herbal medicines with external preparations using Essential oils.

There are different traditional systems of Herbal Medicine, I tend to use a combination of them when chosing herbs for individual prescriptions rather than limiting my approach to only one.

See a list below to find out more different conditions


Digestive problems

Respiratory conditions

Winter related colds sore throats and coughs

Hormonal imbalance

Nervous system/stress/anxiety

Skin conditions

Debility or Fatigue conditions

Arthritic conditions

Urinary symptoms

And just about anything else you can think of…

Here’s a short video about Herbal Medicine to watch while you wait on me getting some more goodies up here..