sticky willy kids card

 Cleavers        Kids Card

Question Answer

Safe to eat?


When Best to eat? Early spring or new leaves/plants throughout summer


What parts to eat? Young leaves


Can I eat them raw? Yes, wash first. Can be a bit chewy and stringy


Can I cook them? Best used fresh and raw. Not very nice to eat, so best to make a drink.

Seeds used to make a healthy coffee.

Are they a herbal medicine yes? Yes. Use cold infusion, tea or juice( in small quantities only)
What are they good for? 1. Sore throats

2. Spotty skin

3. Tonsillitis

4. Squashy fat ankles

5. Feeling unwell after eating and drinking to much rubbish

Magical & Folklore Facts Because this plant sticks and binds, it can also be used for binding spells and rituals.

Used in breaking bad habits, spells for creativity, and severing connections that are no longer beneficial.

A old story about Sticky Willy If your friends stick some on you, when you pull it off the amount of balls left stuck to you is how many people you might have fancy you!!


Kids Foraging Cards from Walk on the Wild side group. Sticky Willy (Cleavers)

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