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Plantago major & lanceolota                                        Kids Card

Question                                       Answer

Safe to eat?


When Best to eat? Early spring or new leaves throughout summer


What parts to eat? Young leaves and seed heads


Can I eat them raw? Yes, wash first. Can be a bit chewy and stringy


Can I cook them? Yes, Wash, cover with oil and some salt and fry for Plantin crisps.

Use in recipes instead of Kale.


Are they a herbal medicine yes? Yes
What are they good for? 1. Sore Skin (external)

2. Bites and stings (external)

3. Hayfever (internal)

4. Sore tummy (internal)

5. Coughs (internal)


Magical & FolkloreFacts One of the ancient Saxons ‘Nine Sacred Herbs’


It was believed to be a protective plant being hung in the home for this purpose or carried to protect against the dangers of travel such as snake-bites.


A old story about plantain Here’s a story about the plantain from a the 1798 edition of The Farmer’s Almanack:

A toad was seen fighting with a spider in Rhode-Island; and when the former was bit, it hopped to a plantain leaf, bit off a piece, and then engaged with the spider again. After this had been repeated sundry times, a spectator pulled up the plantain, and put it out of the way. The toad, on being bit again, jumped to where the plantain had stood; and as it was not to be found, she hopped round several times, turned over on her back, swelled up, and died immediately. This is an evident demonstration that the juice of the plantain is an antidote against the bites of those venomous insects.

Kids Foraging Cards from Walk on the Wild side group. Plantain

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