Elder Flower Kids Card


 Sambuccus Nigra                                 Kids Card

Elder Flower Tree

Question Answer

Safe to eat?


Not when raw. Safe after cooking. Remove stems.
When Best to eat? Early summer, best to pick on sunny morning. Do not wash. Leave to stand for a few mins before using and any wee bugs will crawl out.


What parts to eat? Flowers and later in year berries


Can I eat them raw? No


Can I cook them? Yes. Make syrups, cordial and champagne with them. Go online for some recipes.


Are they a herbal medicine yes? Yes. Use as a tea, syrup, vinegar or tincture.
What are they good for? 1. Hayfever

2. Sore stuffy noses

3. For colds and flu’s


Magical & FolkloreFacts In the Middle Ages elderberry was used as protection against witches.  According to mythology, the spirit dwells in its trunk and you cannot cut the tree down without the spirits becoming angry.


The faery folks best love musical instruments made from Elder wood.


And if you want see fairies, all you need to do is stand under an elder tree on Midsummer’s Eve, but be careful not to fall asleep, because they’ll carry you off!

A old story about Elder A folk-tale about an elder-tree witch from Somerset is worth repeating here. It tells of a farmer who discovered his cows were being milked by a witch disguised as an elder-tree. The farmer loaded his gun with a silver bullet to shoot her, but missed, and the witch chased him back to his cottage. He hurtled in through the front door and his wife shot the iron bolt, but the farmer’s coat-tails were caught in the door and he struggled pathetically there while the witch prowled around outside! Luckily, the old granny saves the day. She takes,a shovel of burning coals and she says to the girl, ‘Open the back door wide!’ And she did and ran back to her mother, but the old granny she just stood there, and when the elder-tree came straight at her, and a-leaping and a-shrieking, she stood up and throw all they red-hot coals at her, and came in and shut the back door. Then they all see blue flames flicker and hear the tree crackling into cinders. After a bit Granny she took the ashen cattle-goad and go out and there was a girt heap of ashes, cold already and they women all made a criss-cross on the ashes with the ashen-goad, and they ran and opened shutters and front door again and farmer were able to free his coat-tails and go out to his cows. https://www.druidry.org/library/trees/tree-lore-elder


Kids Foraging Cards from Walk on the Wild side group. Elder

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