Daisy kids card

Daisy                                                                         Kids Card

Bellis Perennis

Question                                         Answer

Safe to eat?


Yes (unless you are allergic to the daisy family)
When Best to eat? Flowers and new leaves throughout spring and summer


What parts to eat? Young leaves and flowers


Can I eat them raw? Yes, wash first.

Add to salads, garnishes for cakes, ice creams, syrups etc


Can I cook them? Yes, Make a tea.


Are they a herbal medicine yes? Yes. Make a tea or cream or ointment.
What are they good for? 1. Sore throats

2. Cold/Flu

3. Bruises (external use)

4. Cut, grazes, sore skin, bites etc (external use)


Magical & FolkloreFacts In Old English, daisies were referred to as “day’s eye” because at night the petals close over the yellow centre and during the day they re-open. The phrase “as fresh as a daisy” originated from this, signifying that someone had a good night’s rest.


The daisy is used magically in spells for love.

A old story about Daisy Who remembers the rhyme you play with the daisy flower?

Who has never made a daisy chain?


Kids Foraging Cards from Walk on the Wild side group. Daisy

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