Each 2 hour (6:30pm-8:30pm) session will have 2 elements, we will look at an aspect of stress/stress management and will practice breathings and muscle relaxation techniques.  More info

Sessions will start on the 8th Feb, with a new session every 2nd week. Each session will stand alone so you don’t need to attend each one, if you can’t make it; however taking each session will be the most effective way to gain all the skills and practice you need to completely understand and manage your stress triggers and stress reactions.

The aim will be to keep each session relaxed and light hearted, whilst ensuring we cover all the necessary info.

Please bring your own blanket/mat for relaxation. Sessions will cost £8 each. Booking through EVENTBRIGHT (link to be added)

 To chat about joining please email greentreeremedies@outlook.com or message me.


5 week Stress Management course
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