There are many things you can do to help reduce the chances or intensity of colds and winter bugs. These are simple remedies that you will be familiar with..there are many of with them along with help from your GP if necessary

Cook with Ginger to keep chills away, keep your system heated and strong against infections, use it raw for a stronger effect

Cook with Chilli’s to help warm the body, keep circulation strong and help bodys natural defenses against colds and infections, make an infused oil and rub onto the chest and back to help with coughs and chest infections

Cook with Garlic to help keep your immune system strong and reduce bacteria and virus growth, use it raw for a stronger effect

Thyme leaves,made into a simple tea, to help reduce cough and as an antiseptic for the upper respiatory tract

Eucalyptus essential oil can be burned in an oil burner when others in the house have coughs and colds. Also use on a tissue or as a steam inhalation to ease congestion and help fight bateria in nasal passages

Winter self help

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