Western Medical Herbalist & Complementary Therapist practising in            West Dunbartonshire.

Green Tree Remedies is now open with limited services.

Appointments are available, by appointment, on Thursdays, at Purple Turtle Holistics in Bonhill, Alexandria.

In addition to this, home visits are available for those who feel this is more suitable for them.

Please contact me directly to organise an appointment.

Please see the following information regarding safety guidance, prescreening questionnaires, changes to my practice and client guidance.

Please see posts at side for links to relaxation videos or other resources added for your use.

Natural traditional healthcare for a wide range of health conditions including:

Digestive problems, Hormonal problems, Respiratory conditions, Skin and joint problems, Stress related conditions, Fatigue conditions and many many more.

This is me Joanne Dick, I am happy to chat through any questions you might have.

Herbal Medicine, Reiki and Bach Flowers

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